Summit School

Hunter Jones (Princess Penelope) and Parker Bond (Inky) in Super Sidekick: The Musical, presented by Summit School at the Loma Hopkins Theater in Winston-Salem, NC
November 2017
Loma Hopkins Theater in Winston-Salem, NC
Produced by Summit School

Director – Kianna Scanlon
Musical Director – Elaine Phelps
Technical Director – Jared Taylor
Costumes – Elizabeth Wild and Pam Bond
Fight Choreography –┬áParker Bond & Alex French

Inky – Parker Bond
Blackjack – John Layman
Princess Penelope – Hunter Jones
Sorcerer Slurm – Elise Tutwyler
King/Narrator – Mica Kim-Shapiro
Ninja Koalas – Hunter Johnson, Ty Fansler, Vance Stroupe

8th and 9th graders from Summit School

Julia Peral
Franny Kehoe

Jonathan Blake Borton – piano (11/4)
Jessica Branch – glockenspiel
Henry Heidtmann – electric bass
Trevor Keitt – drums
Nathaniel Ward – electric guitar
Lauren Willard – piano (11/3)

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