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“What we really loved about this show is that the sidekick is the hero in the end. It tells a story of friendship, loyalty, being brave and facing your fears. It also has action, adventure, hilarious moments and touching moments. The music is beautifully written and adds the perfect touch to the script itself. We just couldn’t pass this one up. Plus, there are ninja koalas! Who can say no to that?”  

– Bethany Dunham, Education Director, Topeka Civic Theatre

Super Sidekick: The Musical

"Super Sidekick: The Musical" opens Friday at Topeka Civic Theatre.

Posted by Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy on Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April-May 2016
Produced by Topeka Civic Theatre
Part of TCT’s Adults Performing for Children (TYA) series

Director – Bethany Dunham
Music Director – Nancy Goodall
Choreographer – Angie Price
Stage Manager – Melissa Smith
Sound Engineer & Resident Designer – Sara Myer
Costume Designer – Kate Stires

Inky – Les Smith
Blackjack the Bold – Christian Johanning*
Princess Penelope – Skye Reid
Sorcerer Slurm – Jaryl Perkins
Citizen 1 / Narrator / Monster – Abby Musick
Citizen 2 / Queen / Monster – Sarah Hazen
Citizen 3 / Mrs. Smith / Monster – Manessah Krohn*
Citizen 4 / Mrs. Applebaum / Monster – Karen Bartlett
Pink Ninja Koala – Josie Hoggatt
Blue Ninja Koala – Aidan Miller
*Denotes TCT debut

Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy Super Sidekick Study Guide!

Super Sidekick: The Musical by Gregory Crafts and Michael Gordon Shapiro - New Children's Musical, TYA, Samuel French, Superhero Musical

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