Millikin University at The Albert Taylor Theatre

October 2016
The Albert Taylor Theatre at Millikin University in Decatur, IL
Produced by the Millikin University School of Theatre and Dance
Sponsored by the Golden K Kiwanis of Decatur

Director – Angela Miller
Music Director – Meghan Bryan
Stage Manager – Lauren Villarreal
Lighting Designer – Alaina Pizzoferrato
Asst. Stage Manager – Emily Pfaff

Choreographers/Choreography Class – Meghan Bryan, Catherine Cable-Barber, Nicole Chamberlain, Spencer Clark, Diedre Dalton, Hannah Haak, Rachel Humphrey, Fabricio Seraphin, Michael Wade

Inky – Cortez Emerson
Blackjack – Nate Lee
Sorcerer Slurm – Michael Alexander
Princess Penelope – Crystal Prusek
Queen, Monster, Townsperson – Taylor Porter
Citizen, Monster, Townsperson – Kathleen Mitchell
Citizen, Ninja Koala – Hannah Deaton
Citizen, Ninja Koala – Melissa Monten
Citizen, Ninja Koala – Janine Norman
Flower Girl – Miranda Miller
Monster, Townsperson – Katie Czajkowski
Monster, Townsperson – Margot Frank
Monster, Townsperson – Hope Klessig
Monster, Townsperson – Peyton Humphreys
Monster, Townsperson – Claire Parrish
Soloist Monster, Townsperson – Olivia Tharpe
Mrs. Smith, Monster – Mackenzie Barnett
Mrs. Applebaum, Monster – Emma Browne
Narrator, Monster, Townsperson – Mary Heyl
Ninja Koala – Bridget Biundo
Ninja Koala – Abigail Gawart
Ninja Koala – Kyra Lamartine
Ninja Koala – Rachael Leek
Ninja Koala – Autum Meyer
Ninja Koala – Mikaela Vuglar
Queen Ninja Koala – Rachel Jackson
Young Sidekick – Aidan Miller

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