Hollywood Fringe Festival 2011

“…perfect for small children, with audience participation, appropriate kid-approved messages, a perfect hour run-time and catchy musical numbers…” – L.A. Theatre Review

“Featuring superhero action and mischievous ninja koalas(!), Super Sidekick: The Musical is a lot of gentle fun. Shawn Cahill, deliver(s) a cartoony evil performance with great relish. [Scott] Sharma as Inky truly won the hearts of the small children in the audience with his sweet and plaintive songs and pure voice, especially ‘If I Were a Hero, Too.'” – ArtsBeatLA

"GO" - LA Weekly

June 2011
The Actors Circle Theatre in West Hollywood, CA
Produced by Theatre Unleashed
Part of the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival

Director – Jenn Scuderi
Choreography – Ana Therese Lopez
Fight Choreography – Sean Fitzgerald
Stage Manager – Erin Scott

Inky – Scott Sharma
Blackjack – Noah Butler
Sorcerer Slurm – Shawn Cahill
Princess Penelope – Hannah Nawroth
Queen/Ninja Koala – Heather Lake
Ninja Koala/Citizen – Ana Therese Lopez
Ninja Koala/Citizen – Sara-Beth Wichman
Ninja Koala/Citizen – Jude Evans

Super Sidekick: The Musical by Gregory Crafts and Michael Gordon Shapiro - New Children's Musical, TYA, Samuel French, Superhero Musical

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